Be sure to know the rules of triathlon.

With only a few weeks to go until race day it might be worth having a read of the most common infringements in triathlon, so that you don’t pick up a penality. The following is taken from Triathlon England webite:


Competitors are not permitted to draft off other competitors during the cycle section of a race. The draft zone for sprint and standard distance events is 7m (approximately three bike lengths) x 3m and starts at the front edge of the bikes front wheel. Remember to keep left at all times when you are not overtaking and that if you are overtaken it is your responsibility to drop out of the overtaking cyclists draft zone or you could receive a penalty.


Helmets used for events must meet the minimum standards of ANSI Z90, SNELL B90, EN1078 or equivalent, a CE mark is not an approved standard. Helmets must be on and securely fastened before removing your bike from its transition space and remain fastened until you have re-racked your bike.

Outside Assistance

Triathlon, Aquathlon and Duathlon events are individual sports and should be completed as such. Athletes are responsible for themselves and their equipment during events and should at no time receive assistance from anyone who is not part of the event team. The only exceptions relating to outside assistance are for medical issues or when safety may be compromised.

Transition Area

Each athlete has their own specified space within the transition area within which they are required to keep all required equipment, you are not permitted to ‘mark’ your space. It is important that your equipment does not hinder the progression of other athletes and you do not interfere with others equipment as this will be considered as ‘unsporting impedance’ and you are likely to be penalised. You are not allowed to take friends and family into the transition area with you.

When leaving the transition area you are not allowed to ride your bike until you are passed the ‘mount line’. Similarly when returning to the transition area you are required to be off your bike before the ‘dismount line’. Transition area’s are often hectic with a number of people all trying to head in the same direction and following the mount and dismount requirements maintains a level of safety in this area.

Race Numbers

Athletes are required to wear their race number at all times during the cycle and run sections and they must be clearly visible. During the cycle section the number needs to be displayed to the rear and during the run it needs to be displayed at the front, the use of a race belt can assist with this. Your race number needs to be worn as provided by the event organiser and should not be cut down or altered in any way. Additional body markings that may have been provided by the event organiser should be used in conjunction with the official race number and not considered as a replacement.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

You should always treat race officials, event volunteers, spectators and other competitors with respect and courtesy. Try to complete the requests of the race official and event volunteers as it is likely they are asking you to do something to benefit you, or trying to help you avoid receiving a penalty. If you have a query or a complaint about something which has occurred during the race report it calmly to the race official, fully outlining the issue. At all times, abusive and aggressive language and/or conduct directed at the race official, event volunteers, spectators or other athletes will not be permitted under any circumstances. This also applies to parents/guardians/accompanying adults at children’s events.


You are required to follow the course outlined in the competitor information pack and the events race briefing. Not completing the specified course or requisite number of laps will result in you being disqualified. At all times you should follow rules which relate to safety and the requirements of the Highway Code. Any athletes seen to be breaking these will receive a penalty.

Banned and Illegal Equipment

The use of items such as mobile phones and mp3 players is prohibited during events. If you are seen to be using a banned or illegal itemyou will be warned and given the opportunity to rectify your behaviour, if you do not then you will be disqualified.