Final Race Brief 2019

This is the race brief for the 2019 event. It will be updated on the week prior to the 2020 race

What to do on the day: 


There is limited car parking at Turton Sports Centre.  Once this small car park is full alternative parking can be found in the surrounding residential area. Please allow yourself plenty of time to get to the pool in time for you to set up your transition.


Registration will be open from 7am-9.30am. Registration will be located at the finishing area. (please see map) At registration you will pick up your race numbers, safety pins and a bike sticker. The bike sticker should be fixed to your bike (the best place is around the seat tube) Relay teams will also receive a wrist band which will  act as a team relay baton. (more details below)

Once registered competitors can access the transition area and changing room through the front of the school off   Supporters will be able to access the viewing area for the swim via the rear entrance to the school.  Again, allow yourself plenty of time to get set up.

Your bicycle must be in a roadworthy condition and it is compulsory to wear a recognised cycle helmet this will be checked as you enter transition area.

Cyclists must ensure they securely pin the large race number to the back of their cycling jersey  so it is visible. Runners must securely pin the small race number to the front of their t-shirt, again ensuring it is visible. Number belts are permitted.

Transition area

T1 swim to bike 

The transition area is located on Bromley Cross Road at the front entrance to the sports centre. Please note competitors are the only people permitted in the transition area.

You must show your race numbers and helmet to the transition marshal before racking your bike in the transition area. Before the swim you can leave your helmet, cycling shoes, jacket etc next to your bike. The racks are not numbered but we have plenty of spaces. We have three different types of racking and they will be located together.

Green: for narrow tyres (road bikes)

Red: for medium tyres (hybrid style bikes)

Yellow: for large tyres (mountain bikes)


To summarise we would suggest that the following is the best way to make sure that the event is as stress free as possible.

  • arrive at the venue and park with plenty of time to spare
  • collect your race envelope containing your race numbers
  • make your way to transition area
  • set up your transition area
  • with 20 minutes before your start time make your way onto pool side ready to swim

Relay Teams Transition 

Each relay team has been given a wristband. These act as a “baton” for your team. The hand over will take place at the cyclist transition area for both the bike and the run.


The swim:

Swimmers must arrive on poolside, ready to swim, 15 minutes before your start time for a compulsory competitor briefing where any vital last-minute information will be provided.
The first wave of swimmers will start at 8am and will complete 16 lengths of the 25m pool. You will start in the Shallow end of the pool. There will be a maximum of 4 people in each lane at any given time and you will either swim clockwise or anti-clockwise. When you entered the event, the swim time you provided was used to calculate your swim start time. Relay teams will swim first, with faster swimmers starting later and slower swimmers starting earlier.
Relay team start times can be found here.,T
Solo start times can be found here.

All swimmers will be provided with a coloured swim cap and lane counters will ensure that you complete the full distance. Please be aware it is your responsibility to count your own lengths, the lane counter will notify you when you have 2 lengths remaining.  Please note backstroke is not permitted. 

Swim to bike transition:

Solo swimmers:  On completion of your swim remove your swim hat and leave it by the end of your lane and exit through the  door and follow the marked route to the transition. There is no running permitted in the building.  Once you have collected your bike and put on your cycling clothes you can walk through the transition gates and mount your bike at the designated area and start your bike ride.

Relay Swimmers: On completion of your swim remove your swim hat and leave it by the end of your lane and exit through the door follow the marked route to the transition. There is no running permitted in the building.  Once you have located your teams cyclist hand over your wrist band and relax, your bit for the day is complete!

The bike:

The bike course is an out and back 21k route. It is hilly and includes a couple of quite fast descents. It is recommended to either cycle or drive the course in the days leading up to the event.

This event is non-drafting (you cannot ride directly behind another competitor to shelter from the wind)
There will be adequate signs throughout the cycle course to guide you and there will also be marshals at critical locations.  It is not permitted to wear headphones during the cycle ride.

At the end of the cycle ride, cyclists must dismount at the dismount line which will be clearly marked on the day and wheel your bike into transition, do not unfasten your helmet until your bike is safely racked. Solo competitors can change into their run clothing and exit transition, following the marshals instructions.

Relay team cyclists will hand over their wrist band  to their runner at the hand over point in T2

The run:

The run course is slightly over 5k (please note it is slightly different to the run that was originally posted and also run in the opposite direction) The good news is that it doesn’t start with a long hill, the bad news is that the new course is slightly longer than 5k. ( see map below)

The route will be signposted and marshalled and also have bright pink arrows painted on the road to follow.

It is not permitted to wear headphones during the run.

What happens following the event?

Following the race, you should remove your cycle from the transition area but be careful not to impede any other competitors who may still be competing. You will need to show your race number to retrieve your bicycle, friends and family members will not be allowed to retrieve bicycles on your behalf. The prize giving will take place in the Railway Pub opposite the school.  Please listen to announcements regarding the prize giving over the speaker system.

The event is being run under Triathlon England rules, please take a few minutes to read through these here 

More detailed information about each section of the triathlon can be found by clicking on the relevant tabs on the website.

On behalf of the Organising team we wish you a safe and enjoyable event.