Following registration, relay team members can each prepare for their own section of the triathlon. A wristband will be passed between each team member on completion of their section of the triathlon.


Once changed, swimmers can make their way to the pool side where they will have their number written on their arm and leg. (Please be on pool side 15 minutes before the designated swim time)  Once “marked up” swimmers will be organised into order and given a coloured swim hat and a final verbal race briefing.

With 2 minutes to go the Swim Starter will ask competitors to stand next to their designated lane and with 1 minute to go will be told to enter the water. Diving starts are not permitted. The Starter will count down from 10 seconds.

There will be other competitors in each lane so care and courtesy should be exercised.

When the swimmer has completed 14 lengths the lane counter will indicate that there are 2 lengths to go by putting a swim float in the water as the swimmer turns. When the 16 lengths have been completed the swimmer will exit the water at the point of entry. Swim hats must be removed and left on poolside. The swimmers exit the rear fire door shouting their number to the time keepers as they pass.

Once outside the pool it is a 50m walk/run to the transition area. This includes crossing the road at the pedestrian crossing when safe to do so. At this point, the relay wristband must be passed to the cyclist.


Cyclists will wait for their team swimmer to hand them the relay team wristband in the transition area.

All cyclists must be wearing a bike helmet – securely fastened –before removing their bike from the racking to start the cycle section. Cyclists will walk with their bike to the mount line and mount their bike at this point only.
The route is signposted and there will be marshals at key junctions on the course. There are no aid stations on the bike course.
There is one point on the course where cyclists will be required to de-mount their bike and re-mount again in order to safely navigate through traffic lights. Cyclists must not remove their helmet again until their bike is racked back in transition upon completion of the cycle section.
Cyclists will then hand the team wristband to the runner in the transition area.


The hand over for the relay teams will take place in the transition area next to the teams bike space. Once the wrist band has been passed from the cyclist, the runner can start the run. The route (a link can be found here) will be signposted and junctions will be marshalled.

Once runners have completed three laps on the run course, they will be directed into the finishing area passing under the finishing banner.