Trophies will be awarded in the following categories.

Teams Overall

1st  Male team:             2nd Male team:             3rd  Male team:

1st Female team:         2nd Female team        3rd Female team

1st Mixed team            2nd Mixed team           3nd Mixed team

Club invite Teams

1st, 2nd, 3rd Team

Solo Event 

1st Male Overall


1st Male Senior           2nd Male Senior          3rd Male Senior

1st Vet Male                1st Vet Male                3rd Vet Male


1st Super Vet Male     2nd Super Vet Male


1st Female overall     1st Female Senior

2nd Female Senior    3rd Female Senior


1st Female Vet            2nd Female Vet           3rd Female Vet


1st Super Vet               2nd Super Vet


Senior/open  is age under 39 on 31st December 2017

Vet is age 40-50 on 31st December 2017

Super Vet is age 50+ on 31st December 2017