What to bring

The relay swimmers will need:

swim wear



50p for lockers

We will be providing specially designed swim hats which must be worn during the swim. These are used by the lane counters to identify swimmers and to ensure that each swimmer completes 16 lengths.

Anti fog spray is also useful to prevent your goggles steaming up once the race gets under way.


Solo competitors

Solo competitors can wear tri suits if they wish. Tri suits are designed to be worn through out the whole race thus saving time in the transition area.

If competitors wish to put additional clothes on. such as T-shirts and shorts then these should be left next to their bikes in the transition area. Any time spent getting changed is part of the overall time.

Number belts are also permitted but please make sure that the number is visible to time keepers through out the event. Numbers should be visible at the back during the cycle stage and at the front during the run.