Training tips and advice- Running!

In the lead up to the NHS Fun Tri with Bolton Council, we will be supporting you with lots of training advice and plans. So here are a few ideas to help you get running!

With over 200 weekly events across the UK, you are never far away from a parkrun!

parkrun organise free, weekly, timed runs which are open to everyone, safe and easy to take part in. The events take place in pleasant parkland surroundings and people of every ability are encouraged to take part. If you are interested in finding out where your nearest parkrun is (we bet it’s closer than you think!) then take a look at the excellent parkrun website where you can also sign up to run… it’s dead simple!

Run England Running Groups

If you struggle to get out of the door and go for a run on your own, a Run England running group might be just the ticket! There are thousands of groups in England lead by qualified run leaders catering for every ability from absolute beginner to competitive club runner. The Run England website allows you to search for your nearest group, so go on, what’s stopping you?!

Beginner 5K run training plan  

If you hadn’t already found it, we have a downloadable 5K run training plan right here on the NHS Fun Tri website. The 16 week plan, written exclusively for NHS Fun Tri entrants by GB running legend Julian Goater, can be found here!


Did you find this information useful? Have you got any other advice? Let us know by contacting us or talk to us on facebook!