If I can do it, you can too!

At first I was very reluctant to take part because I thought everyone involved would be ‘super fit’ athletes! Although I can swim competently I am not very fast and my swimming technique isn’t the best. How wrong I was! Loads of competitors were just like myself, complete novices, taking part for the fun of it (and the chance to get fit, of course!!)

I was very nervous as I realised I would have to do some training before the event. As the swimmer in the team this meant going to Salford Docks to swim in open water. I literally cried at my first session, vowing never to go again! However, I was encouraged to go again and soon found myself enjoying the experience. I soon realised everyone had felt the same.

After the event, I felt extremely proud of my achievement and being part of a team. It was an amazing feeling. I enjoyed this so much I have since entered other triathlons as part of a team and as a solo participant. Since this time I have also started to run 5K regularly and enjoy cycling as part of everyday activities.