Volunteers needed

Every event relies on volunteers to run smoothly and safely.  Without people willing to give up a couple of hours there would simply be no races to compete in.

The Bolton Fun Tri is no exception, to run the event we need around 30 volunteers in a range of different roles. in particular we are looking for volunteers to:

Work in the pool including
Length counters this is a sitting down role making sure that everyone swims the correct number of lengths.  The race starts at 8 am and you will be finished by 10am.

Time keepers. This is also a sitting down role and as the name suggests involves recording the times of swimmers as they exit the pool.  You’ll be needed poolside at 7.30am and finished by 10am

Marshalling on the route.
Both the run and bike course need marshals to make sure that our competitors don’t get lost You’ll be needed around 8.30am and finished by around 11.30am.


If you can spare a couple of hours please get in touch either email garriep@gmail.com or text 07595515903.